Who They Are

The US~Observer works for the people, as investigative reporters looking to find the whole story. They report the truth and aim to free those that are wrongly accused, focusing on constitutional issues and policies that have been violated. They take on cases across the country, digging up evidence and discovering the truth about particular cases when it is warranted.

Exposing The Unjust System
The vindication of their clients is what motivates the US~Observer to hand out free papers with every publication. The more a case can be discussed, the more citizens become aware of the unjust prosecutions within the criminal justice system. By exposing the truth, and saturating the areas where particular cases have taken place, they provide their clients with their best chance at freedom.

Ultimately, the US~Observer wants to hold those with power, accountable for the infringement of people’s rights. With every paper that is published, the US~Observer hopes to grant one more client their rightful verdict and the freedom they deserve. The more exposure that their papers receive, the more aware people are about the failed criminal justice system.

The US~Observer is a national supporter of Criminal Justice Reform.

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