By partnering with True Film in NYC, the US~Observer has put forth tremendous efforts in obtaining a new trial for John B. Goodman. The goal of the film is to speak out about the unjust criminal justice system in Florida, and to show others how easy it is for anyone to be perceived as guilty, before they’ve even received a fair trial.

Vindicating John Goodman

Goodman’s story starts with a fatal car accident in Wellington, that landed him with two very serious charges. While at first glance the evidence presented in court may seem to align with his verdict, upon further investigation, it is clear that John Goodman deserves a new trial. The US~Observer invites you to watch this film and make a decision for yourself about John and what happened in February 2010. The US~Observer asks that you pay attention to the true information that has been recovered and listen to the facts of the entire case.

John was found guilty before he ever even had a real chance in court, and it is the US~Observer’s goal to help others see what has been unjustly done. Only once you hear his entire story, can you make the judgment call about the criminal justice system, the prosecutors, and judge that tried John Goodman, and wrongfully prosecuted him of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

You Can Help

No person should be unjustly prosecuted. If you feel compelled, the US~Observer asks that you send us your email now so that you can sign a petition to get him another trial. The more that the unjust system in Florida is talked about, the more chances you have of breaking the cycle of unfair trials and charges against innocent people. It is time to take action.

Share John B. Goodman’s story and help the US~Observer get his story exposed.