A voice for the innocent

The US~Observer’s purpose is to vindicate the innocent. They use an array of techniques to overturn, or defeat false criminal/civil charges. The US~Observer is a nationwide newspaper that investigates and publishes articles concerning false arrests, prosecution, and/or conviction. Civil cases of those who are found to have been scammed or otherwise wronged by an individual party or the system are also featured. As a privately-owned investigating publication, the US~Observer has successfully advocated for thousands of individuals who have been wrongly charged by the justice system.

Being in publication for more than a quarter century, they believe in our country, our Constitution, and the public right to adequate representation; standing up for the rights of individuals who have been unjustly wronged. The US~Observer is designed to keep the innocent free, the public informed, and our form of government controlled by the people.

Those who have been wrongly accused, or charged with a crime they did not commit, can retain the US~Observer to investigate their trial and case. When a client is deemed innocent, the evidence is shared through the appropriate channels, when applicable. If the Prosecutor chooses to ignore this evidence, the US~Observer informs the public through an article in the US~Observer newspaper and posted on-line at usobserver.com, and throughout other on-line assets. Through continued publication and dissemination of articles, the US~Observer focuses on granting innocent people vindication.

With subscribers in all 50 US states and 19 foreign countries, US~Observer publications have the ability to reach millions of readers, helping those who seek to expose the truth, to be heard. If you are innocent, they are your voice. The US~Observer wants to hear about your case.

*This goes without saying, but if a client is found to, in fact, be guilty, the US~Observer will drop their case immediately.