Collusion to Convict – The True Story Behind John B. Goodman’s Trials

In February 2010, in the small town of Wellington, Florida, John B. Goodman was involved in a fatal car accident that resulted in the death of Scott Wilson. Goodman’s first trial was thrown out due to juror misconduct, and another trial was held in 2014, where he was convicted of DUI manslaughter with failure to render aid, as well as vehicular homicide with failure to render aid. Because of the evidence they have collected, the US~Observer believes Mr. Goodman deserves a new trial.

The mainstream media, government, and a misguided public portrayed John as a villain after the accident. The evidence, at a glance, leads one to believe that Mr. Goodman could be guilty – until you start investigating and searching for the truth of what happened that day.

The US~Observer has teamed up with True Film, out of NYC, to produce a short film that gives compelling details of Florida’s failed criminal justice system, and sheds light on why John Goodman now sits in prison.

You are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, but John was tried and convicted before he even set foot in that courtroom. Did john get a fair trial?

John’s case is one of the worst examples of unfair prosecution that the US~Observer has ever seen. The evidence is real, and is a frightening example of just how far the government, and a corrupt system are willing to go to incarcerate someone wrongfully.

Through their investigative reporting, the US~Observer is determined that a preponderance of the evidence showed that John should receive a new trial. While investigating John’s case, The US~Observer saw how one-sided the media was, along with the government, and why John deserves more. Exposing the truth and winning John a new trial is probably the largest task they have striven to accomplish in recent years. Through their initial article and this short film, the US~Observer has been fighting their hearts out to ensure the public knows the truth so that John Goodman can obtain a fair new trial.

He needs the help of others like you to move his case forward; toward another trial – one that is fair.

If you still have questions after viewing the film, they are likely to be answered in the US~Observer’s article Florida’s John B. Goodman Not Guilty?.

If you have any information regarding John B. Goodman’s case, please contact the US~Observer at:, or 541-474-7885.