Collusion to Convict – The True Story Behind John Goodman’s Trials

The True Story

Behind The John Goodman Trial

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It only took a split second for John B. Goodman’s life to be forever changed. With a wrongful prosecution and a guilty verdict, John Goodman now sits in a cell, serving time for a death that many believe was not his fault. In this country, defendants are supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty”, but that was never the case for him.

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Does John Goodman Deserve a Fair Trial?

Florida’s failed Criminal Justice System

Watch as investigators reveal the truth behind government and corporate obstruction of justice.

Bentley and their parent company Volkswagen paid experts at trial to tell the jury that everything was okay with the Bentley. The state did not use their own expert, instead, they used experts who got their paycheck from the car manufacturer.

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Volkswagen (Bentley) is now on the hook for over 14 billion dollars for lying about their vehicles. Now there are criminal charges in the U.S. because of such. This was not known before John's trial. Judge Colbath wouldn't allow the defense to question Bentley's integrity.

The US~Observer's purpose is to vindicate the innocent. The US~Observer is a nationwide newspaper that investigates and publishes articles concerning false arrest, prosecution and/or conviction. Civil cases of those who are found to have been scammed or otherwise wronged by an individual party or the system are also featured.

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Does John Goodman Deserve A Fair Trial?

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Malfunctions in the throttle body

We’ve uncovered absolute positive truth that there were these malfunctions in the throttle body of John’s car and also the computer system that operates everything in his car.

The throttle body on his car; the part of the car that controls how fast the car goes; the part that controls the acceleration and also slowing down … had problems … and they were recorded in the Electronic Control Units of the car. The empirical evidence showed these critical parts had failed the night this collision occurred.

Albert Santoro

Former Prosecutor, turned Defense Strategist

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